Doty Taxidermy accepts NO responsibility for the legality of harvest of the specimen(s) listed on work orders. All licenses, tags, and identification must be presented at the time of check-in.

50% minimum deposit required prior to commencement of work.

By signing below on work orders, I state that this animal was taken legally in complience with state and federal game laws. I understand that due to factors beyond the taxidermist's control, such as field care, all tanning, whether done in house or otherwise, is done at specimen owner's risk.

I also understand that if the mount is not paid for in full and picked up within 30 days of being notified of completion, it becomes the property of Doty Taxidermy and any deposit will be forfeited. I understand that estimated completiton dates are tentative and subject to seasonal demand and other factors.

Doty Taxidermy, it's owners or employees, will NOT be held responsible for loss or damage of specimens or other items resulting from: Theft, Fire, Vandalism, Flood, Third Party loss, or damage, or other circumstance or act of God that is beyond our control.

Checks returned for any reason will result in a $50 returned check fee. Doty Taxidermy reserves the right to retain possession of all work until checks for final balances clear for payment.

No work will be released from the studio until the balance is paid in full-NO EXCEPTIONS!

Any cancelled work order will result in a $50 service charge. No cancellations after commencement of work permitted.