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9/23/2013- New Addition

Due to an influx in business, Doty Taxidermy has decided to expand the shop with a separate storage room, which will increase both work space and showroom space. The tentative date of completion is 1/1/2014.

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10/28/2013- New Store Display (Dick's Sporting Goods, Batavia NY)

Doty Taxidermy is proud to announce that we now have a featured display at Dick's Sporting Goods located in





10/1/2015 - The Wait is Over

The day that most bowhunters wait for all year has finally arrived here in Western New York. OPENING DAY!!!

Due to the success and positive reviews of last years contestants of the DT Best Buck Contest.... we are happy to announce that the contest will be run again.

For customers new to Doty Taxidermy, the DT Best Buck Contest is a contest that gives their loyal customers a chance to receive up to a $150 discount on a mount.

To enter this contest, all you have to do is bring in your Whitetail trophy, and you will automatically be entered into the random draw category, and you may also qualify for either the Largest Archery or Largest Firearm Buck or in some situations Both (if customer harvests both a trophy firearm and trophy archery buck). All of the winners will be announced on the same date and will be posted on the website. Winners will also receive a phone call to the number provided when they drop off their deer mount. The winners will receive their coupons when they pick up their finished deer mounts.

The DT Best Buck Contest is divided into 3 categories:

1st category- Largest Archery Buck (including crossbows)- $50

2nd category- Largest Firearm Buck- $50

3rd category- Random Draw- $50

The 3rd category gives any customer who brings in their deer, the chance to receive a discount on their next mount.



Doty Taxidermy reserves the right to make all decisions/changes regarding the competition. Only shoulder mount deer qualify for the competition. Coupon/discount cannot be used on the winning mount(s).

Any questions regarding the Best Buck Contest can be answered by contacting Doty Taxidermy through any of the ways listed on the Contact Us page.